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I'm also interested in video shooting and make a short movie around 5-6 minutes, Would you please also provide pricing?

You will understand that everything I shoot - I shoot personally. I will not just send you 3 or 4 local guys to shoot a video and put my name on it. If something has my name on it I shoot it all 100%. As I will be doing the wedding photos that is enough responsibility for me for one day to be able to manage correctly maintaining the maximum photographic quality that I always insist upon. I therefore cannot also issue an estimate for a video.

You will understand that whilst I would make more money sending you a team of people to do it for me, there are things far more important to me than money and the highest standard of artistic image excellence is one. There are literally thousands of wedding videographers in Spain always looking to work for photographers. If you wish to hire them directly you can without them having to pay a commission to me for sending them to you. You can can hire the video guys you want, along with the chair cover, flower, dj, Rolls Royce guys etc.

My fiance is from Madrid, I'm from Taiwan and we live in USA, otherwise we would love to call for the details instead of writing emails.

I saw you on Facebook and it looks like it will be a really fun international multicultural wedding. I love to shoot different weddings and I love shooting things I love to shoot... it's what makes me tick.

Feel free to call me between 2100 and 2400 CET today to discuss the details of you booking.

I look forward to speaking to you to hear more about your big day in Spain.

Kind regards,

Edward Olive - International destination wedding photographer in Spain, UK, Italy, Portugal France & Germany.

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