Edward Olive Posters and Prints at Photos.com

Edward Olive Posters and Prints at Photos.com

"Good afternoon Edward, your masterpieces are amazing.
I'm interested in purchasing several of your pictures would you be interested?..."

Thank you for your email and your kind interest in purchasing handmade silver gelatin fine art original prints and/or digital prints by Edward Olive photographer.

Digital prints

We are pleased to confirm that certain photos by Edward Olive are
available in various formats of digital print with different size,
mountings and framing options at very economical prices from just
$129.00 to $434.00 at Getty Images www.photos.com.

Mounting and framing options

Canvas, Paper, Aluminum, Acrylic and Birchwood.

Size options

Outer Sizes: 22x22" (40x40cm), 28x28" (55x55cm), 34x34" (70x70cm) and 42x42" (91x91cm)

The link to see the pictures available is:


Silver gelatin prints hand made by the photographer

We would be pleased to provide you with original prints providing they
figure amongst those still available. Please therefore indicate the
pictures you wish to purchase and we will provide you with IBAN bank or
Paypal details for payment. Please note prices for Edward Olive's
genuine handmade silver gelatin prints range from 2,000-10,000 Euros per
print depending on the picture selected and the size of its print,
unframed, limited to 10 prints per negative with international shipping
(except Africa) included.

Please note that any price quotation
is a current price valid for acceptance within 7 days from today’s date
and no guarantee is made that current prices will be maintained. Please
note also that no guarantee is made that a certain picture will continue
to be available. All prints are limited in number currently to 10
original prints per negative. Once 10 have been produced we can supply
no more prints for that particular picture.

We remain at your disposition to answer any further queries or doubts you may have before you confirm your order.

Kind regards,

Reservations and sales.

Edward Olive
Edward Olive Award winning fine art, portrait & wedding photographer


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